dsc_7385 SAINT OBI is a Nigerian actor, movie producer, director, consutant and humanitarian. He was born on the 16th of November in the Garden City of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He studied Theatre Arts at the University of Jos, Plateau State and graduated with B.A. (Hons).

As an entrepreneur, he is the Founder and CEO of AGWHYTE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED – a Production, Talent / Brand Management and Public Relations Firm based in Nigeria and U.S.A.

He is also a complete athlete who had represented Plateau State in both Football and Basketball tournaments. He also enjoys body building.

Saint Obi joined the Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) in 1996 and instantly rose to the top – a feat yet to be matched by any in the industry. He speaks English, Igbo, Hausa and a little of the Yoruba Language.
He has featured in 90 films as male lead.
Saint Obi has the ambition of stimulating Nollywood into a core African film genre in the global Arts market.
Above all, he strives to remain steadfast in God’s parallel of Truth, Love and Peace for all mankind.


– Voted Nigeria’s Best Actor in English by Hints Movie Awards (The People’s Choice).

– Voted Best Detective Actor (Executive Crime) by students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka at their Best of the Bests Awards.

– Special Award for Excellence in Acting from Afro Hollywood Awards, London, England.

– Trendsetter Star Actor – 2007 (By African Pride Media Group / GP Magazine U.S.A.)

– Most Fashionable Actor of the Year – 2008 ( By Fashion & Life Achievement Award)

– Recipient – Stars in Movie Award – 2008

– Recipient African Youth Role Model Award – 2009 (By African Youth Society.


Modelling / Endorsements


– Endorsed and Modelled for BEVISTA (a clothing giant) and its rating in Nigeria shot up to #1 in 2 months.

– Lead Male Model – Peugeot 306 1st Television Commercial.

– Lead Male Model – Impulse Body Spray – Television Commercial.

– Lead Male Model – Dunlop Elite Tyre – Billboard.

– Lead Male Model – Boska Fast Pain Reliever – Television Commercial, Press and Billboard.

– Brand Ambassador / Lead Model – Chi Secure Water.


Professional Bodies


– He’s a member, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

– He’s a member, Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN).

– He’s a member Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria (AMP).

– Agwhyte International Limited is a member, Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce.

– Saint Obi is the C.E.O of Agwhyte International Limited.

– Saint Obi is also an Activist for Social Causes.


  1. Sakobi
    2. Narrow Escape
    3. Festival of Fire
    4. State of Emergency
    5. Take me to Maama
    6 Royal Battle
    7. Wedding Fever
    8. Unbroken Promise
    9. Candle Light
    10. Goodbye Tomorrow
    11. Heart of Gold,
    12. Executive Crime
    13. Last Party
    14. Narrow Escape
    15. costly mistake
    16. strange love
    17. Daring Hearts
    18. Greatest Weapon
    19. Deadly Proposal
    20.Final Whistle
    21. Crime Planner
    22. Sleeping with the enemy
    23. Excecutive Crime
    24. Golden Moon
    25. wedding fever
    26. Sensational Spy
    27. when the going get tough
    28.Sqaud twenty three
    30.Fake Angel
    31.Breath Again
    32.Evil Finger
    33.More than a woman
    34. the greatest sacrifice
    35.the Hypocrite
    36.Urioma – Royal Palace
    37.in the line of Fire
    38.power from above
    40.the hour has come
    41.the golden fish
    42.the convenant
    43.hole in the heart
    44.End of Royal battle
    45.Reckless Heart
    46.Above the law
    47.to love and to live again
    49.the God to serve
    50.the powerful girl
    51.21 days with christ
    52.making of the king
    53.the Devil’s workshop
    54.the prince and brat
    55.Eligible Bachelor

* Rated Nigeria’s most popular actor www.nigeriaexchange.com

– Recognized in over 90% of households in Nigeria and among Numerous Africans and Non-Africans in Diaspora.

– Arguably Nigeria’s #1 action hero.

– Arguably Nigeria’s most versatile actor (has played the good, the bad and the Ugly)


– Rated as a Personality that symbolizes Finesse, Integrity, Discipline, Hard work, Humility and Quality.

– Rated Nigeria’s most bankable actor – 96% of films he’s featured in have been commercial hits.

– Loved by all strata of society – Male, Female, Rich and Poor

– A widely travelled actor, he has starred in films shot across Nigeria, as well as overseas: “Dapo Junior” – 1999(Holland),” Fantasy” – 2000 (Slovenia) and “TRUE COLOR ” 2004 (U.S.A.).

– The film “Take Me To Maama”; the highly successful movie is Saint Obi’s debut as Producer and Director; it broke almost all records in the history of film making in Nigeria


– Saint Obi is the first Nigerian film maker to endorse a corporate giant like Coca-Cola in a Nigerian film.

– Saint Obi’s “Take Me To Maama”, is the first Nigerian film to get promoted and marketed by N.T.A.(Africa’s Largest TV Network.)

– Saint Obi is the first Non – Catholic to get his movie endorsed by Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria. “Take Me To Maama” was sold in Catholic Parishes across Nigeria


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