WINNER I AM is not about celebrating economic successes but a paradigm shift in what defines winning…

  • It is the privilege of experiencing a new day; of knowing and worshipping our God Almighty.
  • It’s a warm hug from loved ones or a gentle kiss from your child.
  • It is a life of contentment and hope, despite the bleak odds.
  • It is a genuine hello or good morning.
  • It is lending a helping hand to the aged, the poor and the sick.
  • It is never being boastful, treating all with dignity and respect.
  • It is letting no one put you down or disrespect you or unlawfully encroach into your legal space.
  • It is admitting your flaws and making conscious efforts to changing the old ways.
  • It is dusting yourself up no matter how many obstacles life may throw your way; keeping faith with your vision.
  • It is trusting God completely by watering and nourishing your soul with His Word each day of your life.
  • It is never quitting without giving it your all.
  • It is making peace with God and be willing to go back to Him whenever or however He chooses.
  • It is being fearless of anyone or anything but God Almighty, only.
  • It is abiding by the open-hand-principle, which breeds enduring inflow and outflow of God’s riches in one’s life.
  • It is the selfless drive for a better humanity and world.
  • It is telling yourself, the best of me is yet to come, knowing that your better days are still ahead.


Think positive.

Think Winner.

Think I am.

Know it and show it [3 fingers in the air]

Shout it out loud to yourself and someone near thyself… WINNER I AM!!!

Yes… ooo! WINNER I AM!!!

…to be continued.

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